School Day

School Day

School Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday

Registration           9.00am - 9.10am

Reading/Spelling    9.10am - 9.30am

Lesson 1                 9.30am - 10.25am

Lesson 2               10.40am- 11.35am 

Lesson 3               11.35am - 12.30am

Lunch                   12.30am -  1.30pm

Lesson 4                1.30pm - 2.20pm

Tutorial                 2.20pm - 2.30pm

End of Day            2.30pm

School Opening Hours: 

Friday -  9.00am - 12.00pm

To enable pupils to aspire beyond measure, it is vital that they attend school regularly.  

Remember the pupils who achieve the most always have excellent attendance .

* Please note: You can download  Term Dates from the Information  page

Further Gudance


As safegaurding our pupils is paramount to all the staff at IncludEd all pupils must remain on the IncludEd site throughout the day.  Pupils are not permitted to leave the school unaccompanied, this will give you the confidence of your childr’s whereabouts during the working day. 

If there is a very good reason why your child needs to go home during the school day please contact us so that we can firstly discuss the situation and, where appropriate, grant permission to leave the site. We anticipate these circumstances to be rare but acknowledge there may be individual situations where such permission is appropriate.

Mobile Phones & Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and other electronic equipment such as iPads and MP3 players etc. should not be brought into InlcudEd. However, should pupils have these devices about them they should be switched off and handed in to the main office by 9.00am.   

Pupils are permitted access to their phones during their lunch break.  

Pupils are not allowed access to IncludEd's wifi  or allowed to take any photos or videos of any member of staff or of other pupils. 

If  a pupil fails to adhere to these conditions their phone/electronic device may be confiscated and we will arrange collection of the item by a parent/carer. Pupils are aware of this rule and any failure to comply should be dealt with according to the sanction policy.

Positive Behaviour Policy

Our Positive Behaviour Policy is central to the way IncludEd operates. It helps all members of the IncludEd community feel secure because we are really clear about what behaviour is unacceptable and what the consequences will be. It makes everyone feel valued because it is a way of making sure pupils are rewarded for good behaviour. 

The Positive Behaviour Ploicy exists to allow teachers to teach and all pupils to learn. Our policy is a consistent, fair and positive system which is applied in all lessons across all subjects. 

Consequences of Behaviour means that positive behaviour is praised and everyone is clear about the consequences for negative behaviour. 

Praise is the most important aspect of Consequences of Behaviour. Pupils should try hard to gain praise in all lessons and staff will always aim to award more praises than consequences. 

Pupils will always receive a warning about their behaviour before any consequences are issued to them. Negative behaviour will be recorded and sanctions will be implemented.

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